To be successful and to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to automate your key business processes so that your finance executives can spend their precious time on making decisions that will ultimately lead to revenue growth. Manually keying in data will not work anymore, in a highly disruptive environment.

Shearwater Japan offers a suite of accounting solutions that will help you transform your general ledger, accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), through automation.


Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Features of Shearwater Japan’s Cloud Solutions for Finance Teams


Accounts Receivable

Eliminate human errors from manual entry of data by automating processes such as invoice delivery, payment processing, and collections management.


General Ledger

Equip your business with solutions that offer a 360-degree view of your business, enhance your audit trails, and customise your account types with our suite of cloud software solutions.


Cash Management

Giving your finance team a single source of truth will help them monitor cash flows and bank accounts, and in turn, this will help them in their strategic decision-making.


Accounts Payable

Increase the efficiency of your business by automating the accounts payable process. This will help save time, and increase efficiency. You will also avoid expenses in the form of late fees and improve cash flow.



Compliance and regulatory requirements often come under scrutiny as they are constantly updated. Our solution helps you automate these tedious processes and adhere to IFRS and GAAP standards.


Fixed Assets Management

Compliance and regulatory requirements often come under scrutiny. Our solution helps you automate these tedious processes and adhere to IFRS and GAAP standards.


Payment Management

The handling of customer transactions such as invoicing, billing their credit cards on a recurring basis, and accepting payments online or at POS can be greatly simplified with our bank payment and payment processing solutions.

Operations Management

Automated Account Reconciliations

Processes such as financial reconciliations can be automated to reduce error, save workers’ time, and accelerate the financial close process. This allows finance professionals to focus on strategic decision-making to grow the company.

Benefits of Finance Team Solutions We Offer

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